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kumpulan sms romantis
Bagi anda yang punya gebetan, pacar, istri, suami........ atau pacar simpanan dan ingin ngerayu dengan kata kata sms cinta tapi belum punya ide mau berbuat apa, mungkin postingan ini sedikit bisa membantu. Disini Banyak pilihan kumpulan sms romantis yang cute yang cocok buat pasangan anda, sedikit gombal sih, tapi dijamin dengan kata kata sms cinta pasangan anda bakal klepek - klepek. Semoga teman - teman yang lagi Falling In Love terbantu dengan adanya kumpulan sms romantis.

Kumpulan SMS Romantis / Kata Kata SMS Cinta

If I am in hell and U in heaven,
I always look up and Be proud of you
But If I were in Heaven and You in hell
I beg God 2 Send me Downl
cuz Heaven Will be Hell Without You...
Love is something that no one can hate
Love is a PASSION, we find in our mate
Love can happen anytime, early or late
Love is a medicine without an expiry date...
Your smile is a beautiful as dew on roses,
Nothing's beautiful tahn it,
Your LOVE is as warm as fireplace,
Nitjing warmer than that,
I just want to say I LOVE YOU,
Nothing more that that
When you Love someone, its like reaching for a star...
You know you cant reach it, but u keep trying
Coz may be one day that STAR just might fall for you...
Bell isn't a bell until someone rings it
song isn't a song until someone sing it
Don't hide your feelings coz
Love isn't a love until someone reveals it..
Love is a kind of medicine which doesn't have an expiry date
So preserve it for a right person...
Take my eyes but let me see you
Take my mind but let me think about you
Take my hand but let me touch you
But if you want to take my heart
Its already with you
It was an ordinary day
I was caught in my routine when
Suddenly something made me think of you,
I paused for a moment n smiled
It was no longer an ordinary day
I can chose who to care,
Who to protect,
who to share life with,
But I can never chose who to fall in love with
Cuz LOVE is not a choice it is dentiny...
It feels nice when someone misses u,
feel good when someone loves u.
feels better when someone's with u
But it feels the best when someone never 4gets u
I Have a heart and Its True
But Now Its gone from Me to you
So care for it
Just Like I do
Because I have No Heart
And You HAve two
Last Night Thingking Of You one tear Rolled Out,
I asked why are you out?
tear said there is someone so beautiful in your eyes,
Now there is no Place For me
usually I send SMS to people
Who are either very Dear,
Very Close or
Very Special
but in your case
I am making an exception
You are all the three
Mobile Are Irritating,
rings Every Now and then
Recharge the BAttery,
Messages Get Delayed,
But One thin I Love About it,
It Connects ME and YOU
Difference between smile and your face is that
smile is sothing nice to see on your face
but your face is something nice to see always,
even Without A smile
I am just here looking at you,
cuz you look cute reading my SMS
and even cuter hwen you smile!
see, you smiled!!!
Click Means:
C = Can't live without you
L = Love You
I = I miss you
C = Care about you
K = Kiss from my heart to you
So whenever you miss me just say
brain : to think of you
Eyes : to Look at you
heart : To Love you
hand : To touch you
Leg : To walk with you
Mouth : To say I MISS YOU and
Foot : To kick you if you don't miss e

cukup banyak kata kata sms cinta yang aphrodite berikan, mudah mudahan dari sekian banyak kumpulan sms romantis ini teman-teman bisa terinpirasi.

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