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Kumpulan sms romantis

Bagi anda yang punya gebetan, pacar, istri, suami.... atau pacar simpanan, dan ingin ngerayu dengan kata kata sms cinta tapi belum punya ide mau berbuat apa, mungkin postingan ini sedikit bisa membantu. Disini banyak pilihan kumpulan SMS romantis yang cute yang cocok buat pasangan anda, sedikit gombal sih, tapi dijamin dengan kata kata sms cinta pasangan anda bakal klepek-klepek semoga teman-teman yang lagi full in love terbantu dengan kumpulan sms romantis

Kumpulan SMS Romantis / Kata Kata Sms Cinta

Respect the emotion in someone's heart
Rather than the expressions on someone's Face,
Becoz Expression Is the Formality,
But Emotions are The Reality
My Dear I Want you to say that
I am suffering from Forever and Doctor Said I am Serious..
Only You Can save me
Please send Me Your Heart
A Raindrop May look to small to eyes
But somewhere a Thirsty Flower Awaits its FAll
A small SMS May seem Too Small to you,
But somewhere A Heart Remembers You...
You Learn To Love Someone
When you Find out what makes them smile,
but you can never truly love someone
Until You Find Out what makes them cry..
Love never Ask " Why are you far away?"
Love Says " You Are Always with me "
Love doesn't Ask "Do you Love me?"
Love only says "I LOVE YOU"......
Let love be, Don't give it a name
when you give LOVE a name it becomes a relationship
and relationship restricts LOVE.....
So true
All the little things that annoyed you so much...
.. are the things you'll miss the most when they're all gone...
Isn't true for love !
It's better to lose your pride with someone you love,
Rather than lose that someone BECAUSE of your pride,
This is all we face in love
Sumone has wisely said that the heart is a fertile place,
Anything planted there will grow for sure,
Whether its
True love can blind you but at the same time if you let it, it can also open your eyes.
is not how you forget
but how you forgive
Not how you listen
but how you understand
Not wahat you see
but what you feel
And not how you let go
but how you hold on
Love is not written on paper, for it can be erased
Nor is it etched in stone, for stone can be broken.
But it is incribed on a heart and there it shall remain forever.
When I don't talk to you it doesn't mean that I'm mad or I dont want to
I'm just waiting for you to talk to me first and show a little effort.
Love has features which pierce all hearts, he wears a bandage which conceals the faults of those beloved.
He has wings, he comes quickly and flies away the same.
Don't find love,
let LOVE find you.
That's why it's called falling in love,
because you don't force
yourself to fall, you just fall.
You know that place between sleep and awake,
the place where you can still remember dreaming?
that's where I'll always LOVE you.
That's where I'll be waiting
There are four Chambers In my Heart
1st Is for Mom
2nd Is for Papa,
3rd Is For Sister,
And 4th Is for Brother.
Hey Where Are You?
You Are my Heart Beat...
It takes 3 Words to Say " I LOVE YOU "
3 Minutes To Explain,
3 Hours To Demonstrate,
3 Days To Appreciate,
But It Takes Life Time To Prove It...
Habit Never Goes,
Cuz If U Remove H, A-bit Remains,
If U remove A, Bit remains,
If U remove B, It Still Remains.
So My HEART of SMSng U will never Go....
If At Any Time Life Is Like A Candle n the Wind,
Then I'll put my hand Around You so That
All Burn Are Mine And All light Is yours
It's A promise
When you find me wrong,
When you doubt upon you..
then just remember that you are my life...
And I can not do anything wrong to my life....

Belive me... Trust me... You are my life.....

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