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Tak terasa sudah memasuki bulan kedua di tahun 2012, di bulan Februari ada hari khusus yang merypakan simbol dari kasih sayang yang biasa disebut Valentine, hampir semua orang merayakannya dengan mengirimkan cokelat atau bunga untuk orang yang disayangi, bahkan banyak juga yang memberikan sentuhan yang dalam dengan memberikan ungkapan-ungkapan yang bisa membuat pasangan tercinta luluh.

Berikut ini ada beberapa contoh ungkapan yang bisa dibuat sms atau ucapan didinding Facebook, Twitter atau mengisi ucapan dikartu valentine dengan bahasa Inggris

Go for sumone who makes you
smile becoz only s smile makes
a dark day seem bright
Happy Valentine day my dear friend
Love does not consist in gazing at each other
but in looking together in the same direction
I wishing U Happy Valentines Day with is cute Advice
I Can't wait to run my fingers throught your hair
Stare into those beautiful eyes of yours
and kiss you senseless 
Happy Valentine DAy
I Promise you that
I will share all my thoughts
& feelings with you
I promise you that
I will understand everything that you do
Happy Valentine Day
I wish that you were beside me always
Come to me soon so that I can hug you and never let
You go apart. Life seems insignificant without you
Next time you are here, I shall never part
Happy Valentine Day
In every love story there is a guy and a girl,
there is love and its expression
so, you are my girl, I am your guy and
today I am expressing my true feelings 
that I really Love you
If all 365 Days are celebrated as Valentine's Day
I am gonna express my love all year round
I waited for this spesial day
To send this special sms your way
My swetheart, my beloved
A very Happy Valentine day!
You're the air that I breath
You're the words that I read
You're the light that I see and
Your love is all that I need
I'll stand here 4ever,
If 4ever's what it takes,
because u are my 4ever,
and 4ever always waits
If I could have,
I Would wish to wake up everyday
To the sound of your breath on my neck,
The warmth of your lips on my cheek,
The touch of your fingers on my skin,
And the feel of your heart beating with mine...
Knowing that I could never find that feeling
with anyone other than you
You are like the sunshine so warm
You are like sugar, so sweet..., You are like
And that's the reason - why I Love You!
The Greatest Suggestion for Lover...
Is - Don't Love The one who is beautiful for the world,
But Love the one who makes ur World Beautiful.
Love is something, that no one can hate
Love is passion, we find in our mate,
Love can happen anytime, early or late,
Love is Medicine with no expiry date
If I were to describe true love then I Would describe it
as what a snowman did to a snowwoman: He gave her
warm hug and they both melted in each other's arms.
A word to say, a word to hear
even in ur absence I feel U near
relation is trong..hope it goes long
v wil remain the sae til the life goes on!
Dress code for February 14, 2012:
Green: Leave me Alone
Orange: Going 2 Propose
Pink: Accepted Proposal
Black: Rejected Proposal
White: Already Booked
Its d Month of
Kisses, Surprise,
Proposals n Dates,
Chocolates n Gifts,
Hugs n Love Songs
It's February 14 2012...
Wishing u a Love filled
valentine Month..!!
Knowing a person Like you,
has made me happy in a million ways & if ever I have 2 let u go...
I would find a million reasons 2 make you stay. I Love You
Be mine Valentine
I am sending U this
Valentine wish
with hugs and kisses, too;
cause there,s a place
here in my heart that,s
made 4 only you
I have found taht our names said out loud together have
a nice ring. I am comfertable with you in other ways too
and know that we must go well together
Happy Valentine Day & I Love you
Come into my heart, little fly
I've lots of treats - some sweat meats? - by the by
My motives - pure as driven snow-
You know this for I told you so
I'd never lie to you, dear little fly.
Happy Valentines Day

Ayo dipilih-dipilih, kalo kurang cocok masih bisa dimodif lagi... tergantung dari selera anda, semoga bermanfaat dan pasangan anda semakin sayang

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